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Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1930 as the first orchestra of the National Radio. Russia’s oldest symphony orchestra is justly considered to be one of the best orchestras of the world.  At different times it was headed by the outstanding Russian conductors: A. Orlov, A. Gauk, N. Golovanov, G. Rozhdestvensky.  Since 1974 Vladimir Fedoseyev has been the irreplaceable artistic director and chief conductor of the Big Symphony Orchestra, whose highest professional reputation coupled with the acknowledged artistry of the orchestra musicians paved the way onto the stages of the best halls in Russia, Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia. Since 1993 the orchestra has been named after the great composer Peotr I. Tchaikovsky for a genuinely profound interpretation of his music.

The orchestra’s chronicle has lots of glorious episodes, including work with some famous conductors: L. Stokovsky and G. Agendrot, L. Mazel and E.Mravinsky; work with S.Richter, D. Oistrakh, A. Nezhdanova, S. Lemeshev, I. Arkhipova, L.Pavarotti, N. Gyauriv and M. Freni. The permanent participants of the orchestra’s concerts are the best soloists of the new generation – violinists V. Tretiyakov and G. Kremer, violist Y. Bashmet and cellist A. Knyazev, pianists O.Maisenberg and E. Leonskaya. It was the orchestra and Vladimir Fedoseyev who once discovered the young talents of E. Kissin, M. Vengerov and V. Repin.

The recordings of the orchestra’s vast repertoire, ranging  from Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mahler to contemporary music, have been released by Sony, Pony anyon, JVC, Philips, Relief and Melodiya. The Big Symphony Orchestra named after P.I. Tchaikovsky headed by Vladimir Fedoseyev has become the first Russian orchestra with a Russian conductor that recorded the complete collection of Beethoven’s symphonies (Relief, 2007). The orchestra’s discography also includes all the symphonies by Brahms (Warner Classical&Jazz and Lontano, 2008).

The life of the BSO is always eventful and varied. Brilliant, virtuous, professional, effervescent, it is a triumphant and proud participant of the most interesting venues, takes part in the most significant events, projects, festivals … It is a long-desired guest in the best concert halls of our country and abroad. Thus, literally the whole Europe will enjoy the orchestra’s performance in the Season of 2010-2011. From November 30 until December 15 2010 the Orchestra is on a long road tour — coda-apotheosis of the Anniversary year —in European countries: the celebrated orchestra is to visit Berlin and Prague, Hannover and Milan, Zurich and Paris …
This Tour is preceded by October tour TSO in Greate Britain.

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is a regular guest of festivals of various genres. This August the orchestra is expected to appear at the festival “Potsdam Palace Night”, annually held in the German city with the same name. The Orchestra’s open-air performance will add to the atmosphere of this colorful festival, created by the organizers.

The second festival, which the orchestra is to attend, will take place in Saransk, the capital city of Mordovia. This event was organized by the orchestra director himself, Vladimir Fedoseyev. The festival, which got the name “1000 years together”, will be held in September, on the eve of the memorable jubilee — 2012 is a 1000th anniversary of unification of the Mordva people with the peoples of the Russian state. A young pianist-soloist, a native of Saransk, Dmitry Demyashkin, will take part in the concerts.

The third festival, Festival “The Country of Resurrection”, also with Fedoseyev’s orchestra participation, will be in November within the frames of the exhibition and forum “Orthodox Russia”. Russian classical music will be performed in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. Dmitry Beloselsky, the bass voice, who regularly sings with our orchestra, will perform opera arias.

The concerts of the Big Symphony Orchestra named after P.I. Tchaikovsky have become an integral part of the grand project — the year “Russia-France – France-Russia”. On 19 February 2010 the admirers of our Orchestra were present in the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory to hear the brilliant performance of music by French composers. It is planned to have three concerts within the frames of this project during the season of 2010-2011: two concerts of the tour in the famous hall “Pleyel” in Paris, and the October concert in Moscow, in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, which is expected to become one of the most interesting events of the season. The program includes a dramatic legend “Damnation of Faust” by G. Berlioz, performed by the BSO together with the Choir “Radio France” and French soloists Luc Lombardo, Delphine Edan, Nikolya Kurzhal.

Guest soloists of extra-class from abroad consider it as great honor to work with the Big Symphony Orchestra named after P.I. Tchaikovsky. So, a young Dutch violinist Janine Jansen, already famous in the west, will perform with our orchestra for the first. Besides, we again expect the brilliant Austrian soprano Krasimira Stoyanova, the constant partner of the BSO.

Remaining true to the longstanding tradition, Vladimir Fedoseyev goes on with his programs for children. These are open rehearsals of the orchestra “Maestro invites” and participation in the International television competition “Nutcracker”.

Well, of course, one can’t but mention season subscriptions – the so-called face of the orchestra.

Since the best concert hall in Moscow, the Grand Hall of the Conservatory,  is closed for the time being, the concerts of the orchestra’s two subscriptions — “Music for everybody” and “ONE symphony subscription” — will take place in the Yauza Palace, a theatre and concert center of Moscow with a century-old history and the modern life of a culture center.

The season subscription “Music for everybody” has been organized by Fedoseyev’s orchestra since 1997. This season will open in December. It is a final concert of the jubilee year “Go forward, guys!” that will be the first performance of the compositions specially written for our orchestra. The concert will feature the best soloists of the BSO: P. Kondrashin (cello), P. Lapteva (violin), V. Permyakov (clarinet), V. Simon (cello), M. Fedotova (flute) and others…

Two subscription concerts are planned for March. We have invited the Bulgarian conductor Georgy Dimitrov and the Italian conductor Oleg Caetani. The program of the April concert includes music of Northern Europe, performed by a constant guest conductor of the BSO Terje Mikkelsen. The concert in May will be conducted by the chief conductor of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, Valery Platonov, who met with our orchestra for the first time last season.

If our audience is already familiar with the season subscription “Music for everybody”, then the second Orchestra Subscription is a kind of an experiment in the history of concert cycles. “ONE symphony subscription” — the name given to this series of concerts in the Yauza Palace by Vladimir Fedoseyev.

The jubilee year of the BSO coincides with the anniversary of P.I. Tchaikovsky, whose name it has been very proud to have since 1993. That is why, that very “one”, “single” symphony is Tchaikovsky’s symphony. All these five concerts will include Symphony No. 3 by the Russian classic. Five conductors will treat us to five different interpretations, five different visions of the same musical score. Vladimir Fedoseyev’s idea is to show, by one particular example, the large role of the interpretation of a composition in the World of Music. Each concert, besides the 3rd Symphony by Tchaikovsky, will include other works, in the light of which, the perception of the Russian classic’s masterpiece may also change.

The conductors, who are to interpret this symphonic masterpiece, have come from all over Europe. The list includes the Swiss conductor Mischa Damev, who has become the orchestra’s friend after many years of joint work; and the outstanding musician of the present day Saulius Sondeckis, and Howard Griffiths — artistic director of the “Orpheum Foundation for the Advancement of Young Soloists”, with which Vladimir Fedoseyev has been cooperating for many years.

We will hear the interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s symphony by the talented conductor of the Big Symphony Orchestra named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, Denis Lotoev, and by Maestro himself, who, besides the Third Symphony, will conduct “Snowstorm” by G. Sviridov, loved by everyone, and “Spring Cantata” by the same composer.

D. Shostakovich described the orchestra as “an outstanding ensemble of outstanding musicians”. The high professional level of the orchestra’s musicians manifests itself not only in the orchestral performance, but in chamber and solo performances as well. In the coming season there will be chamber concerts of the soloists of the TSO in several halls. These are: a cosy chamber hall of the Library named after A.P. Bogolyubov, and the grandiose and fancy big hall of the International University in Moscow, the halls in Tsaritsino Estate and in the Culture Center of P.I. Tchaikovsky.

We’ll be very glad to see you at our concerts! See you next season!