News archive. Season 2008-2009

Tchaikovsky’s music in the country of rising sun

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra was not once with a tour in Japan. But now the leading Russian collective goes for the first time with wide monographic concert cycle, devoted to Tchaikovsky’ oeuvre – a composer, considered in Japan is their own.

The 79th season closing

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra finishes the pre-anniversary season by "Slavonic" program.

From Borodin to Ligeti. “Request concert” in Switzerland

For the reason of the jubilee year of Klubhaus-Konzerte this organization holds the whole series of unordinary concert actions. The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is invited already for the second time.

13.04.2009. “Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne…”

The fourth concert of the public subscription of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra “Music for Everybody” is devoted to the heritage of Franz Liszt. The program consists of the Weimar compositions – the most fruitful period in the composer’s artistic life.

09.04.2009. The 200th anniversary of Félix Méndelssohn Barthóldy

In the 200th anniversary of Félix Méndelssohn Barthóldy Vladimir Fedoseyev and the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra represents a grandiose project – rare oratorio “St. Paul”

31.03.2009. Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra makes “Step to XXI century”

Vladimir Fedoseyev and the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra pay attention in the third concert of the public subscription “Music for everybody” to the main subject of the season 2008-2009 – modern music of the 21st century.

“Legends about love”. The new project continuation of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra

The second concert of the cycle was named “Farchad and Shirin”. But its internal subject is considerably bigger that the love story most famous on the Middle East. It embraces different subjects – nature, art, life and death. They are originally interpreted through the oriental look.

Music, Faith, Mercy…

To the memory of His Holiness, Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia, Alexy II

En Shao. Chinese modern symphonic music

The programme also features suites from Bartok's ballets created during the composer's intensive search for his own style and marrying the ancient traditional folk material with the avant-garde innovations.

Legends of Love. New Project by Vladimir Fedoseyev

In his new project, maestro Fedoseyev addresses the eternal and infinite subject of love. East and West, Middle Ages and modern time, art and life – the chosen plots are diverse and comprehensive. The beautiful and tragic love stories, narrated in music and words, lead to the world of lofty feelings and fates.

Norway's famous conductor Terje Mikkelsen to perform with TSO

Over the past seasons Mikkelsen has taken part to the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra's series of public concerts "Music for all" and to its other programmes.

Klubhaus-Konzerte is celebrating its 100th anniversary with TSO

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra has over 10 years cooperated with a world leading concert association Klubhaus-Konzerte.

Golden Medal of the Moscow Autumn modern music festival

Vladimir Fedoseyev was given the Golden Medal from the Composers Union which organised the award on the 30th anniversary of the Moscow Autumn modern music festival. The festival director, Oleg Galakhov, presented the prize to the conductor on the closing concert of the event.

On the Centenary of the Birth of Herbert von Karajan. Beethoven Gala.

Beethoven Gala both pays homage to the incredible Maestro and revives the finest music pieces which have become true art milestones.

Christmas Oratorio

On the threshold of Christmas holidays, on November 10, the audience of the Big Hall of the Moscow Conservatiry will hear the Christmas Oratorio by Bishop Ilarion (Alfeyev).

Closing of XXXth International Modern Music Festival

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra will perform pieces of various genres.

Bratislava Music Festival

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and its director and chief conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev are among the dearest star guests. The orchestra, which has not played in Bratislava for a long time, will again perform in the Slovak Philharmonic Hall on November 24.

TSO to Play at the Anniversary of Sechenov Medical Academy of Moscow

The musical address by the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra to the Sechenov Medical Academy of Moscow on the occasion of its 250-year anniversary will be just another of the orchestra's numerous social projects.

Tour in Latin America

În the threshold of the Russian Culture Days, Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra has gloriously concluded its tours in Latin America.

A master class at the Baccarelli Institute

On October 21, soloists of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra gave a master class at the Baccarelli Institute in Sao-Paolo (Brazil)...

Pathétique symphony by Tchaikovsky 115 years after…

Vladimir Fedoseyev is recognized as the best interpreter of Tchaikovsky’s music. It is already 20 years his orchestra has the name of composer. The honour fall on him to perform Symphony No. 6 at the historical concert dedicated to the 115th anniversary of “Pathetique” in the composer’s museum in Klin.

Season opening. Great Russian music

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra opens its 79th concert season on 4 October in the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory by the concert “Great Russian music. Mussorgsky, Borodin”. At 10:00 a.m. will take place the second rehearsal of Vladimir Fedoseyev’s project “Maestro invites. Children are at the orchestra’s rehearsals”. Press-conference, dedicated to the forthcoming season, will be on 2 October in ITARR TASS. Accreditation on phone 691-33-10.

Maestro invites… Open rehearsals of Vladimir Fedoseyev for children

Artistic director and Chief conductor of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Vladimir Fedoseyev together with the Moscow government holds open rehearsals for children “Maestro invites”.
4 October, 2008 in the day of season opening of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra the second open rehearsal for children will take place in the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory.



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